About Us

We would like to introduce you to a whole new world of irresistible marshmallows. Mallow & Marsh was launched off £250 and no sleep and has kept up that approach ever since. We spend hours perfecting and experimenting with our recipes in order to create these awesome culinary delights. A melt in your mouth, light as a feather, delicious experience.

We don’t make normal marshmallows. We make creamy bundles of gooey deliciousness. On a scale of jelly to nougat we sit as close to nougat as is marshmallowy possible. We use the highest quality ingredients we can, from 100% natural raspberry to organic and fairtrade vanilla extract and we’ve made sure there are no additives or preservatives. They melt in your mouth and we encourage people to experiment when they eat them. We plan to float them down the Thames, be the first marshmallow into space and take them around the three peaks. The highest marshmallow in England.

We’ve worked creatively with our marshmallows, matching them with yoghurt dips, hot chocolate brands, peanut butter spreads, Gu chocolate puds and even a smoked chilli paste. Marshmallows are naturally low in fat and gluten free.

We have experimentation in our genes and love a challenge, so our flavour possibilities are endless, but it doesn’t stop there! It’s now up to you and what you choose to do next, be it roasting, toasting, dipping or a daring down in one!

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie Mallow and Marsh