With going out off the cards, we’ve been thinking of ways you can make date night special at home. Introducing date night, but not as you know it!


1. Cook a romantic dinner at home

It’s amazing what a little candlelight and a tablecloth can do to make dinner at home feel special. Set a time, dress up for the occasion, light some candles and put on some music to set the mood. If you’re social distancing from your partner or virtual dating, why not cook the same recipe and enjoy dinner over video call?

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2. Host a games night with another couple!

Charades anyone? Why not set up a double date with another couple via Zoom or Google Hangouts and host a virtual double date games night? There’s tonnes of games you can play online, or you can go old school and play some of the classics like Pictionary or Charades.

3. Movie night

Recreate the ultimate cinema experience in your living room! Get a selection of your favourite movie snacks and popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy a romantic movie night in.

4. Make s’mores by the fire!

What could be more romantic than toasting some marshmallow by the fire and cooking up some s’mores? If you don’t have a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit (very classy), a tea light does the job perfectly. All you need are a few rich tea biscuits and some melted milk chocolate and you’re good to go.

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Have you got any creative ideas for indoor date night? Email your suggestions to [email protected]!