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Mallow & Marsh’s Ultimate Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows


Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Arguably one of the world’s most iconic duos. As marshmallow connoisseurs here at Mallow & Marsh, we take hot chocolate with marshmallow very seriously. Wave goodbye to those little pink and white friends – it’s time to give your hot choc a serious upgrade!



250ml semi-skimmed milk
60g chopped chocolate (we like to use a mix of milk and dark)
1 jar of Salted Caramel Whip
1 pouch of Mallow & Marsh’s Salted Caramel marshmallow 



  1. Heat the milk over the hob until gently simmering
  2. Gradually add the chopped chocolate, continuously whisking until fully melted into the milk
  3. Pour into your favourite mug and top with a dollop of Whip, grated chocolate and top with marshmallow.
  4. Enjoy!

Top tip: If you’re feeling a bit fancy, use a blowtorch to gently toast the Whip & Salted Caramel marshmallow for a s’moreish hot choc!

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