Salted Caramel S’mores Dip

Salted Caramel S’mores Dip


Show us how you s’more with our PB&J S’more combo!


150g of milk chocolate
50g of dark chocolate
120ml of condensed milk
45ml of milk
2 pouches of Mallow & Marsh Salted Caramel Marshmallows
Any flavour McVitie’s V.I.B’s or McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives


  1. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over simmering water, stirring constantly
  2. One melted and glossy, turn the heat down low and add the condensed milk
  3. Whisk vigorously to thicken, taking the mixture on and off the heat to avoid burning
  4. Add the milk and stir until the mixture is runny and glossy
  5. Pour the chocolate mixture into a ovenproof dish
  6. Place the Salted Caramel marshmallows on top, close together (no gaps!)
  7. Place under the grill for a few minutes until golden or use a blowtorch for 5 minutes until evenly toasted. (Top tip: Gently spread the marshmallow with the tip of a fork midway through cooking for a toasty brown finish)
  8. Serve with McVitie’s digestives or V.I.B’ and dive in!

We’ll show you ours if you show us yours…Tag is in your s’mores on social with #HowDoYouSmore and show us your perfect s’mores combo.

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