but not as you know it

Forget everything you thought you knew about marshmallow…

Squidge here!

but not as you know it

Forget everything you thought you knew about marshmallow

Squidge here!


Why choose us?

Marshmallow, but not as you know it.

At Mallow & Marsh we want everyone to discover how delicious marshmallow really is. Using the best-quality ingredients, we make our marshmallow with a lot of love and without any compromise. They’re handmade in the UK with no artificial colours or flavourings and cut into the tasty treats people love. It’s marshmallow, but not as you know it.

Free UK delivery when you spend £30 or more

Our marshmallow is delicately handmade in the UK over 4 days and is available in grab-and-go bars and sharing bags. Mallow & Marsh are proud to be sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, Boots, Ocado, Co-op and BP so get down to your local store and treat yourself to pillowy smooth marshmallow!

Free UK delivery when you spend £30 or more!

Got a question for us? Hopefully one of our FAQs below will help, but if not please drop us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Glut question! Whilst the ingredients in our marshmallow don’t contain gluten, we aren’t certified gluten-free. We aren’t required to list gluten as an allergen on our packaging as all of our ingredients and materials used to make the marshmallow are gluten-controlled, which means that the gluten level must be less than a certain value when tested. However, we are unable to declare ourselves gluten-free on pack as our factory doesn’t have the official gluten-free certification in order to make this claim on pack.

You can find our full list of allergens & ingredients on the back of our packaging and when you click on our products on our online shop here, so we recommend consulting these before purchasing to make sure these are suitable for your dietary requirements.

Ahoy there, international mallow-loving friend! Unfortunately, we currently only deliver within the UK, but we’re working on it so watch this spac

Ooo, our favourite question EVER! Unlike pink & white marshmallows, our mallows are whisked to perfection using the best quality ingredients and absolutely no artificial colours, flavourings or palm oil. This makes them delightfully light and smooth, with no nasty artificial sweetness or sickly aftertaste. So many people who say they don’t like marshmallows love ours; give us a try and let us prove why we’re marshmallow, but not as you know it!

Head to Stockists on our website and you’ll find our handy stockist map which will show you where to get your nearest mallow fix! If it’s a little far away from you, we recommend giving the store a ring first just to double check they’ve got us in stock – or you can order us online!

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